Monday, January 28, 2008

Unseen Worlds

No, this is not a post about aliens or other galaxies. Yes, I'm a fan of some classic sci-fi films, but that's going into territory I don't touch.

I have this thought that comes into my mind sometimes about other cultures and countries I've never seen before. I'll be driving around town or shuffling through the myriad lists of things I have to do and I'll think:

There are places I have never seen, people I have never encountered, areas I will never set foot in...... that have been around for as long as Marietta/Georgia - or much longer. They have histories, their share of ups and downs, people just like me who are living life, day to day. There are millions of people living in this city of Atlanta. I only know a tiny fraction of those persons. This is only one city in the United States.

It blows me away to think of all the cities, houses, peoples and communities that function like a mad, chugging factory every, single day. To take it even further, think of all the generations of people that have passed before us. Think of all the nations, civilizations, and governments that have existed.

This is mind-blowing. It makes me realize how ridiculous our culture is in 2008. We can be so ultra-focused on how we look, how we feel, and how we're measuring up. We are quite confident and proud of ourselves.

We're a small drop in the ocean of time. And God's seen it all.

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