Saturday, January 24, 2009

Enemy Territory for News?

Anyone else find it funny that the headquarters for both Fox News and CNN are located in areas that (generally) are opposite the political persuasion of each station? You'd think someone would suggest a location swap.

Maybe it's good for them, in some way. The antagonism might serve as a fuel, of sorts.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Musics!

First, U2 is back on the move. Their new album is on the horizon (oh. that was horrible.. he he). Here is the first single:

Get On Your Boots

This new Coldplay video is quite clever, I think. Puppets - ha!

Life in Technicolor ii

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Change has come, indeed

Well, here we are - officially into the Obama administration. It's funny, but there's been a complete and utter turn-around in the general media's attitude. On everything and everywhere you hear the message of "Let's work TOGETHER!" and "We are one." Where was this feeling for the last 8 years? So, now we're supposed to be one, big family? Obama IS magic!

This article by David Limbaugh (note to those who hate Rush: this is NOT *that* Limbaugh) says it better than I can. My above-written paragraph is just a synopsis of one of his points.

I do acknowledge the historical implications and importance of Obama being President. Of course. But, I'm appalled (not surprised, though) at how the media has turned on a dime and changed it's tune. It's all very, very subjective.