Sunday, March 14, 2010

Thrashers Game

OK... the scene is again @ Philips Arena. This time for the Thrashers game vs. the Phoenix Coyotes. We had a blast. The live games are such an experience. Following the team on TV games is enjoyable, but being there is the best. What was really amazing was having my entire family there this time. Although we lost in a shootout, the game was a good one. The best was when we scored our 2nd goal. Amazing play by our guys.

It was great for the older kids. They both got jerseys (30% off that night!) and were loving it. Afterwards, we ate dinner @ Taco Mac. Upon leaving, Zoe had left her Thrashers hat in the restaurant. We drove back, Laura went in to check and..... she found the hat. Zoe was really grateful.

All in all, a wonderful time. I hope to return again very soon. We just need to win then.