Monday, February 13, 2006


My wife and I found out that we're pregnant again, this time with child # 2. We're excited and not sure what to expect with having an additional kid to manage. Our first, Zoe, has been alot of fun. Sure, there are those times when you're pushed to the brink and you're re-thinking your life, but all in all, Zoe brings alot of joy, laughter, and wonder to our lives. I'm excited as a Dad to get another blessing. It's amazing how, when you're young and living in a pre-marital state, you have your life planned out and you're pretty sure about what values are. Then, when you get married, that's life-changer NUMBER ONE; priorities shift and you take hard-core classes in the school of selflessness. You can't imagine how, but when you have kids, that's life-changer NUMBER TWO (and THREE, FOUR, FIVE, etc. as far as you can go). Your joint priorities shift yet again and your world changes course to where everything revolves around the kid(s). I would have never thought that I could be living for another person to such a degree, but it's happening. It's my reality each and every day. I love it. I never knew I could have as much energy, putting forth as much effort as I do, with everything motivated by my family. They're my engine.