Thursday, April 20, 2006

Maybe I'm crazy, but.....

when's the last time you went to the local library? I have an overdue book there as we speak (and yes, it's the one I mentioned in the previous post). It's fun to go to a place where you can peruse the books, borrow them for awhile, and read them (if you can find the time). I think so many go to the shiny, bright, new places like B&N or Border's, which are great (heck, I go too, sometimes, and I even worked @ B&N many years ago), but you can only read the crisp books for so long before you have to leave them when the store closes (or you walk out). It's a welcome change to "rent" a book and take it home, enjoying the smell of its history. I've even taken my daughter there to check out the kids' section. I want her to enjoy the library as much as I did as a kid. Maybe she won't, but it's worth a try. At least the librarians like seeing her cute little mug.

While you're at it, take another left turn and try writing a letter. An honest-to-God letter without the email convenience. It'll surprise and delight the heck out of whoever you send it to, because of its odd novelty, and you'll be living the nostalgic dream of the past. A forgotten art, to be sure.