Sunday, March 16, 2008

Opposite Way

I'm fully obsessed right now with a song by the group, Leeland. It's called, "Opposite Way." It's pretty direct in lyrics, but the beauty is in the simplicity. Musically, it's my favorite sort: somewhat melancholy, with passionate, yearning vocals...intense, slightly distorted guitar...piano underpinning the whole arrangement...propulsive percussion...a pace that builds to a cathartic release at the end. By the end, you want to jump out of your seat or your skin or whatever and just praise Jesus.

The song's theme has been creeping up everywhere lately. This, I have no doubt, means that God is really trying to be clear with me. He's leading me to carve out a lifestyle that is the "opposite way" of the world's frenetic pace. Not that it's all about a speed issue, but it's more of a values thing. And I don't mean a political "family values" thing, either. It's keeping first the kingdom of God before all else.

Before work.

Before music.

Before dreams.

Before busy-ness.

Before all the other things that push and shove and try to wrangle a place in line for my attentions and affections.

While the world is rushing about trying to obtain things that only temporarily salve the universal emptiness we all experience without Christ, God is calling to me today to begin making life changes. He's asking me to change everything. He knows I cannot in any way do this in my own weak, human effort. So, He's asking me, in effect, to ask Him for all I need. God knows that I am complete in Jesus. He will add all the necessary "stuff" I have to have on this earth, effortlessly. I needn't fear that.

So, although I'm not in any way close to that destination, I am hearing His voice and walking in that direction. One step at a time. My heart and mind are being transformed to hunger and seek to know God.

I've been in a slumber too long and the season is now. Thanks to a young band named Leeland for being the messenger.