Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Change has come, indeed

Well, here we are - officially into the Obama administration. It's funny, but there's been a complete and utter turn-around in the general media's attitude. On everything and everywhere you hear the message of "Let's work TOGETHER!" and "We are one." Where was this feeling for the last 8 years? So, now we're supposed to be one, big family? Obama IS magic!

This article by David Limbaugh (note to those who hate Rush: this is NOT *that* Limbaugh) says it better than I can. My above-written paragraph is just a synopsis of one of his points.

I do acknowledge the historical implications and importance of Obama being President. Of course. But, I'm appalled (not surprised, though) at how the media has turned on a dime and changed it's tune. It's all very, very subjective.

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