Thursday, December 18, 2008

Penn Says: A Gift of a Bible

This is interesting. An impact was made on this entertainer, Penn (who is an atheist), by someone simply being kind and bold. The way he words his response is very thoughtful and intriguing.


ManUtd17 said...

Good piece. Penn can put that mirror down now.

That level of engagement is what draws me to a something like the Alpha Course.

[The word verification is "hookerst." Is that slang for the worst prostitute? Or the most prostitute-like? Or Hooker Street?]

brad said...

Wow. That was strong, especially about tackling somebody who doesn't believe a truck is about to hit them.

He did some anti-Obama stuff on YouTube that was hilarious. Have you seen any of it?

seantk said...

Didn't see any of it. Will look though.

I'm totally into this new Blackberry I just got in the mail. I'll have my face in this thing way too much.

carolineb said...

That was honest. He made some great points, especially the one about believing eternal life is possible and not proselytizing. Well spoken. Convicting.