Friday, January 04, 2008

Small Bite of Nostalgia

I like to dabble in poetry, from time to time. It's a fun exercise in being focused and capturing images/feelings in an abstract way.

If any of you visited Lake Koinonia in Woodstock, GA. back when "the posse" lived up there in the mid-to-late 80's/early 90's, then you've had the groundwork done for you. Here it is, entitled, "The Lake."

Crawling fearfully across an empty lake
via the enormous log bridge
Clutching and fearing the worst
the silt below seeming like quicksand
Exploring the unchartered territory
as a shoe falls down and drowns

The creepy shack
on a hill across the way
Abandoned and run down
We walk through
and conquer any lies
we imagined

Building forts and platforms on trees
Swinging from ski ropes
Mud smells and dries crusty

Bell rings for supper
Moccasins hiding under docks
Camping overnight
Four-wheelers up and down the dam
Little brother on his back

Many memories
locked away
with the burnt-red sunsets
of those magic hours


carolineb said...

We came on the scene right as everybody was moving away from the Lake. I've heard some stories, though. I guess I need the complete cast of characters.

seantk said...


Wards (Tony's family)