Saturday, January 12, 2008


I have a feeling this will be long >>>>

I got to thinking about "the miracles question" today: Do Miracles Still Happen?

Something in the wording of that question hints at randomness. More to the point of what I was thinking is "Does God Still Perform Miracles Today?"

The main thing that sparked my thinking was all the things in the past few years that have happened to people we know. People who've had terminal illnesses; Laura's sister, Bekah, who was in the car accident; my brother and his wife trying to have a baby.
In all of these situations, a miraculous healing either did or didn't take place. Several people from our church did not survive their bouts with cancer. Much prayer went up to heaven on their behalf. Does God not exist because they weren't healed? Or, in a worse scenario, does God not care for some people enough to heal them? I believe we have to release these situations to God, in His sovereignty and wisdom. We cannot see all the angles; we cannot fathom the reasons that make up the big picture. For whatever reasons, God either does perform a miracle or He does not, in any given situation.

When I go through this mental journey, I have to look at the historical record. In the Old Testament, God has a long, varied track record of performing supernatural feats to show His power. Old Testament's record of God's miracle-performing power: check. Look to the New Testament. Jesus - the embodiment of God on the earth - performed miracles during his ministry here. Wherever Jesus went, miracles flowed out of His presence. Crowds swarmed around Him to "get a piece" of the power to see healing in their lives. New Testament's record of God's miracle-performing power: check. It's in God's nature and character to perform miracles.

So, what's the deal today?

From all the accounts I've heard and read, supernatural healings and miracles of all sorts are occurring at a higher rate in other nations besides America. I believe this is because of the lack of pride and humanistic thinking in these areas. Places such as South America, Latin America, parts of Asia --- these are the outposts of miracles today. People who are desperate for God to move and have full faith in God to do miraculous works will see it happen. We, in America, are much more prone to be cynical or to look for solutions in ourselves. In many cases, we block the work of God because of our self-reliance.

Much of this goes to the subject of the medical field. I believe medicine is miraculous. Much of what has been discovered and put into practice these days is amazing. However, the praise for this advancement of medical science is more often than not going to the people that forge it. Ever since technology has grown and advanced in the past couple of centuries, humanity has, in its weakness, taken credit for so many things and become self-absorbed. Because we can now do so much, we don't really have a need for God, some would say. Medicine and science will eventually find a way to solve all of our problems. Right?

When we get to the point where we're out of options, where nothing is working that we thought would.....when we are desperate..... then God will move...... sometimes. I believe that desperation leads to more miracles being performed. Not to say that everything will be solved by a miraculous intervention of God; this side of heaven won't ever be perfect. But I do believe that when an atmosphere of revival is present and when the spiritual hunger of a people reaches a near fever-pitch, healing will be the doctor of the day. God will show His power over created order. Medicine and science will not be able to explain.

Still, not all will believe or accredit the praise to God. There will always be doubts and other explanations until everyone is laid bare before the Person of God. So, does God shy away from miracles or use them as a "last-ditch effort" because He doesn't want people to view Him as only a vending machine of healing magic or a cool magician? Possibly.

OK, enough thoughts on this for now. That was a very long post.

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Mari Helms said...

I believe in miracles!

I think sometimes miracles happen and I miss them because it wasn't what I wanted/expected, but it's still a MIRACLE.

Fever-pitch? Sounds like a great FACE DOWN theme.

Love this "In many cases, we block the work of God because of our self-reliance." And God wants to heal that too.