Saturday, January 26, 2008

Props to the Hen-Man

OK, the time is due to give some "propahs" to my little 1.5 year-old son, Henry (aka "Hen-man," "Henny"). You see the amazing Zoe's picture everytime I post on the blog or post a comment elsewhere, since she's my icon picture. She resides in the spotlight, so Henry is moving up for a turn. I'm including some pictures, which I know will produce the "oohs" and "ahs" from the womenfolk in the audience. I will predict, too, that I'll have more response to this post than any of my recent ones. What kind of world do we live in when a post on miracles or Top 5 guitarists gets the hand and one with a cute kid shuts down the server because of overload? Hey, I would give some attention to this kid, too, because he IS cute and he IS awesome.

Now, to explain the pictures:

This is from our annual family Christmas party this year. The theme (yes, we have themes) was "Mafia Christmas." I was chowing down on some pasta when I went a little too hard on my plastic fork. My hand is frozen in the same position where the fork last was on the plate. Truly, the fork snapped in half, my hand went down to the edge of the plate, and like a catapult, I sent noodles flying for about 4 feet to my right. You can see some noodles still on my black overcoat. Henny is chilling beside me, eating (as always.....kid loves food) some noodles with his hair slicked back. You can see Zoe in the background, too.

This second one is from Henry's birthday party this year. The inevitable "first party." It was fun, for sure. This picture was taken by our friend, Matt Swanson, on his phat daddy camera. As you can see, the lens on that bad boy is superior. It looks like a postcard, complete with perfectly placed beams of sunlight cutting across the chalkboard, and highlighting Henny's spiked-up hair.

Word. Enjoy the boy. He's the coolest.


nysewanders said...

I love that Henny!

carolineb said...

I've been swamped and just now catching up on all the blogs, Henny is gorgeous and scrumprulescent.