Thursday, November 01, 2007

Listen Up

So, in the spirit of NaBloPoMo, I'm writing a post today. Thank the Lord I didn't sign up for it! However, several of my friends and fellow blogmies (surely some of which are reading this now) have taken this challenge, for better or worse. I have, for some crazy reason, decided to sign up for NaNoWriMo (see post below). I'm excited and encouraged because I did start off the month-long challenge with a bang, by writing 1303 words of the novel last night. I would love to keep up the pace each day, but that will take a miracle. It was thrilling to see the words coming from the tapping on the keyboard and characters coming to life on the page. Even if I don't write the full 50,000 (!!) words by month's end, I'll have more than I ever would without the deadline setting.

As I was thinking about writing a book, an image of Barnes and Noble came into my mind. I love the place. I could camp out there all day and read stuff (I actually used to camp out there for 8 hour blocks at a time...but I was employed by the company and had to curb my reading on the job. But I digress..). I'm amazed when I go there at all the books which keep coming out. Even more astounding is the website. Millions of books. When you look at media, in general, there is a gluttony of words and information. With iTunes, cable TV, bookstores, the internet, TiVo, Netflix..... we are gorged with talking from all sides. I think, if all these people are talkng, who's listening? Andy Warhol's "15 minutes of fame" theory plays some part in this seemingly massive quest for significance that all these authors/artists are pursuing. But, hey, I'm in the race, as well. Trying to write a novel. Switchfoot has a song, "Adding to the Noise." It seems like I'm doing just that. I hope, like all these other writers, that what I have to say will make some difference or have some effect on people.

Since we, collectively, are "the audience" for all this media, then we are the listeners. So, yes, there are those that talk (so many) and those that listen. But we that listen have so much to listen to. It can seem like we're just trying to keep up with all the important things that we should know. How often does God get drowned out in all this ocean of sound? I need to stop and listen to the still, small Voice.


Annie said...

Don't even get me started on how I need to shut up and listen some times.

I've ALWAYS wanted to work at B&N. A small goal, but an attainable one, I think.

ManUtd17 said...

Good start on the novel. It's true that we are inundated with info from all angles. It's hard to drown out all of that at times. Sometimes though, the writing helps focus the mind on the things that matter most. Here's to a month of novel-writing that helps you focus on the things that matter most.


brad said...

I feel you, bro. I get caught up in the noise far too much. I emptied all the songs off my MP3 player and put on a huge playlist of only worship songs. That was huge for me, as I can now listen to the words. REALLY listen to the words. It has put me in a much better place.

Camel rider said...

Even on my side of the world I'm flooded with noise. New trends, blogs, ideas, theories, bittorrent,satellite,slingbox.....I'm craving the quiet.
Good luck with the novel.

carolineb said...

I love the B&N smell...right as you open the door...all those pages with a coffee undertone...delicious.


ManUtd17 said...

They only way I know of to follow posts on others' blogs is to comment on it yourself first and then check the box to be notified when someone else comments.