Thursday, October 25, 2007

Stunner: U2 Live, 2001, Boston

This is what I'm talkin' about. This band is the one to see live before you pass from the Earth.

John Mark & Bekah, it's on your list. You betta.

Here is just a reminder of why they're still the best around. The song is somewhat of an intercession/prayer for a friend they knew growing up in Ireland, who was addicted to heroin. A beautiful song. It gives me chills. Note: this song came out 23 years ago!


carolineb said...

First time hearing the song.
It's very familiar, though.
I spent a night like this recently.
Wide awake, I'm not sleeping.
Oh no no no.
I love someone with an addiction.

ManUtd17 said...

If you haven't listened to The Unforgettable Fire or War in a while, pop in either CD and some headphones. Both still stand up.

I would like to hear Mac and Third Day take a crack at Drowning Man.

seantk said...

I totally agree, Bill. In fact, TUF is my favorite U2 album, overall. Still. I love the atmosphere on that album (I give huge credit to Brian Eno for bringing that element into U2's sound). Amazing on headphones.

I used to own the gold CD re-issue of TUF (brother bought it for me for birthday), which sounded incredible. It was stolen from my car, though, about 6 years ago.

Drowning Man is amazing. I'm sure Third Day would do it justice. Original is hard to touch, though.

Boggsy said...

I love this song! TUF is an amazing album but it's hard to beat Joshua Tree. One of my goals in life is to see them in concert before I die.