Sunday, October 21, 2007

Real-Life Far Side Comic

Time: 10:50pm, 10.20.07

I was driving back from work last night.  Not quite into my neighborhood, I was weaving through the streets toward Lee's Crossing.  Out of the corner of my eye, I see something quickly moving in the dimness.  I put on slight brakes.  Then I notice it's a bunch of deer.  Pretty cool.  I slow down and 3 of them dart across the road. 

I was about to go forward when I noticed there was 1 deer left.  He was hesitant of the car, I'm sure.  Without fully thinking my actions through (and probably because I had just been at work for 9 hours), I gave this animal a quick flash of my bright headlights.  You know, like a signal you give to some other driver that it's OK to go?  Problem is, I was dealing with a deer.  It's like I was saying, "Hey, you go ahead, buddy.  Catch up with your four-legged hoofed brethren."  He waited a second, then trotted across the road.  I put my foot on the gas.  I then realized I had given a deer my brights.  Sad thing is:  I used a modern method of automobile communication with an animal.  Cool thing is:  The deer understood it.  


ManUtd17 said...

Flashing headlights. The universal sign for:

1) "it's OK to cross"

2) "slow down, there's a cop with radar just ahead" and

3) "turn your brights off, because I can't see with your blinding halogens melting my corneas!"

Katie B said...

That deer totally understood you... well done!
Next time flash them and tell them to use the crosswalks and maybe only cross the road in the daylight.

On another note,
I fully appreciate the "slow down there's a cop" flash. I even will give them a thank you wave.

carolineb said...

Deer gets your drift, I love it. I can't believe it occurred to you to flash your brights. Hilarious.

MOM said...

Don't feel bad, Sean. It must be genetic because your Dad bought a plastic owl to scare off the birds from his new grass seed and I have actually leaned down and petted its head, TWICE!!!
Also,Zoe puts it in her stroller and carries it around.
From generation to generation...

Boggsy said...

That's freagin funny! There should be a research project looking at the effect of "flashing your brights" across different species....deer = pass!