Monday, November 05, 2007

Novel Progress

2060 words. That's where I sit early Monday morning. It feels great to be writing. Words are flowing and characters are becoming more concrete, through words and actions. Mr. Thelonious Monk and Mr. John Coltrane have provided the sweet background music tonight. Things are good.

Although I'm behind on my word count (should be up to 6670 by now), I'm happy. Coming off a busy weekend of coffee shop work and helping around the house with a not-feeling-so-good wife, this is what accomplishment against the odds is all about.

Bottom line is I'm writing a story, finally. The pressure of deadlines and word counts is an awesome motivator. This story and these characters have been rolling around the landscape of my mind for a decade now and they're starting to get bored in there. I'm glad to assist their escape.

This week, we enter into "Holiday Time" at work. Things will become busier and busier. God preserve my mind.


carolineb said...

You are doing so GOOD! I can't wait to read it.

laurakirkland said...

Well, from the "not feeling so good this weekend" wife, I am proud of you and love you! I am so happy that you are getting to do what you love. The novel writing experiment is great to get you motivated, but remember, Don't measure yourself! Just have fun and your true talent will shine forth. I am thankful for all your sacrifices to be such an AMAZING husband and father... greater than me and the kids could have dreamed!

seantk said...

3605 words....12:02 am, Wednesday.

ManUtd17 said...

Any words-written updates?

Just trying to encourage.

seantk said...

No.... it's been a week now since I last wrote. Very busy at work. It's an excuse, I know. The setup for Holiday is massive so I really had no chance. Plus, for the weekend, we had Zoe's 3rd B-day party and then went to Ellijay to see Laura's parents' new cabin. Lots of fun; no time for writing.

Plan to get back on track tonight.... thanks for the encouragement, Bill!