Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Battle in our Hearts

I wanted to squeeze in one more post before B2FII. Do I qualify?? Kidding.

In our small group, we often are discussing something where the root cause of the problem is discovered to be: CONTROL. This really is the underlying root cause of everything in our lives --- who is in control? Ironically enough, Janet Jackson might've been a genius by naming her first album this very thing.

I was watching something on the History Channel last night (I never thought I'd end up watching this channel, but here I am in 2007, doing just that. I'm an old man) about time travel. It was documenting humankind's fascination with going forward or backward in time. There was some juicy stuff about Einstein's theories and the nature of wormholes (I never though I'd be interested in this subject in high school, but here I am in 2007, doing just that. I'm a nerd). All very interesting. Toward the end, they started talking about the possibility of going back in time to change the future. "Would it ever be possible," they said. "What would the consequences be for tweaking with past events," they inquired. Very, very intriguing stuff, indeed.

So, this made me think about our current status in the world's history. We live in the age where we've discovered so many things that once were mysteries to peoples of the past. Cures to diseases. The ability to predict weather systems with a fair amount of accuracy. Why things act the way they do. Of course, there are still some things out of our reach. The cure to the common cold. The ability to travel back in time to change our past.

These things are out of our control. Especially with time travel, I strongly believe we'll never gain that ability. This is one of those things that fall in the category of "out of reach." There are things that are God-abilities and things that are human-abilities. God controls time and space. Einstein might have discovered more than any other person in this area. We gained insight that is astounding. But we are limited to the knowing of it; we aren't allowed access to the altering of it.

On the History Channel show, there were so many scientists and professors brimming with excitement and hope at the possibility of time travel. There would be so much that could be controlled if this came to pass. We could be in charge of our destinies, both then, now. and later. We would essentially be our own gods.

However, with the way things are created, we are subject to the Lordship of Jesus. We either reject God as God or we accept God as God. This is the battle we face, day to day, in our own hearts. Who is in control? Who are we trusting? We either accept God and rely on his timetable, his will, his way or we rely on our own way. This is the way the world is running, headlong. Humanism has great belief in itself. Arrogance is at an all time high, in terms of what humans can accomplish. I believe we keep seeing little cracks in the wall, little mistakes, fallacies, that humans create, because of our choices. We continue, as a planet, to hurtle through history with the belief that we can make things right, we can find perfection on our own. I don't think so.

We must accept who we are and who God is. The miracle is that by doing this (admitting our shortcomings and our weaknesses), we begin a transformation. We don't end the process by accepting who we are as fallen humans. God begins to weave in his mercy to create a new person, one that becomes a renewed image of God's redemptive perfection. I know I have to choose God's way with each new dawn. Easier said than done, though. The battle rages on for each of our lives.


carolineb said...

Ain't that the truth?! Control. We sure want it.

Mari Helms said...

Well said!

Jason Chatraw said...

Hey, nice blog, Sean! Our lives are the sum of our choices ... that can still be redeemed, thanks to Jesus' death and resurrection. ... I think your thoughts pertain to the environment in so many ways, yet the earth is still redeemable.