Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Morbid Marketing

I was driving past Kennesaw Memorial Park & Mausoleums today and couldn't help but notice the phrase posted below their road sign.

"2008 Calendars are here."

I blinked and smiled. Similar in odd nature to the puzzling phrase on Marietta Middle School's road sign (blogged about by KTB awhile back), this is one that'll make you wonder. I could only imagine what some of that calendar's pages would look like:

I mean, I know they're a business and probably trying to just raise some funds, but I can't imagine this one jumping to the top of the NYT BestSellers List.

Apologies to all who have this heartwarming item hanging in their home or office.


ManUtd17 said...

Sorry I had to drop the knowledge on you so hard on the national meritors.

seantk said...

No problem. I did have a headache afterwards.

I had no idea UF was illustrious.

carolineb said...

HIGH-larious. What images are conjured at the thought of this calendar.

Katie B said...

My aunt and I drove by there just the other day and laughed about the SAME THING. So weird... The next step is someone brave enough to go there and get one. :)