Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Where idea becomes reality: B2F

Just a sketch. I cannot capture the feel of the evening. We ate chips until the dip turned into a form of plastic.
We laughed at old memories. We didn't communicate like we do on our blogs - sometimes there were uncomfortable silences. We made geekball references to the frustrations of word verification. We enjoyed those that attended and mourned those who couldn't make it (for various reasons). Fear not - this was but the first B2F.

If this was any measure, there will surely be more to follow. Here, here.


Annie said...

Nice illustration. Sorry I missed it.

brad said...

Ha! That is hilarious! Good times last night. I enjoyed it, uneasy silences and all!

h. said...

i love the illustration!!! it looks like it could easily be a business card if blog2face became a corporation.

and i loved the geeky uncomfortable moments.

wv: zxqbrnr
wv numero dos: nirudqzx

seantk said...

I was throwing around the idea of making B2F a money-making machine. We could work out logistics for meetings across the globe, where bloggers congregate. The logo would be a winner, methinks.

Let's contact an attorney soon to get this ball rolling....