Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Comic Gold

Although I've missed the 20th anniversary of the theatrical release date by 6 months & 13 days, there is no better time to sing the praises of RAISING ARIZONA. If you have not seen this, it must be included in a future installment of B2F. Quirky and comic book-like, you will have trouble not quoting the genius dialogue. I have seen this more than any other movie and when asked what my favorite movie is, I'm hard pressed to top this gem. Nicholas Cage's hair is mind-blowing.

The line about Yoda pajamas is amazing.

If that intrigues you, more power to you - go rent it. If that revolts you, I don't what else we have to talk about.


brad said...

Could you describe the pajamas, sir?

I don't know...they're jammies...they got Yodas and stuff (sic) on 'em.

My favorite comedy ever. The chase scene through the town, houses and grocery store is genius.

seantk said...

Amen to that. The chase scene is, indeed, brilliant.

And yes, barring the profanity substitute, that IS the pajama ("jammies") quote. SO good.

Katie B said...

Great movie!