Saturday, September 29, 2007

Kid Update 2007

OK, kids are the ones that keep us fresh, right? I can vote for that with an emphatic YES.

We seem to have a daughter with an emerging case of OCD on our hands. Zoe is persistent, at times, in how things should she believes they should be. The following picture makes wonderful sense after you know what she's saying. Here's how it went:

Zoe: These pacies don't match!

Me: It's ok, though. They're alright.

Zoe: I just don't understand..... (said with a very dramatic, depressive tone)


Earlier today, as I was home watching the kids, Henry was exploring our living room when I was heating up my lunch in the kitchen. I took a glance across the room to make sure he was OK. I saw something dark green-colored below his lip. A bit panicked, I ran over and looked at him. Was it a pen he chewed? No. A crayon? Nope. Then I saw it....... a roach was lying beneath the TV. Something was missing on this little bug..... Henry started his journey toward Survivor Man today. [Laura, I'm so sorry, but I couldn't help but share our joy... :)]

Kids: A sure-fire antidote to apathy and boredom.

p.s.  It is Henry's 1st B-day today!  Hey oh!
p.s.s.  Someone with more Blogger Skillz can show me how to position the pictures where I want them.  They always go wherever they wish.  


carolineb said...

I love them. Happy B'day Hen!

nysewanders said...

I SO was planning on calling on Henny's b-day and I slipped up... sorry little henny! I can't believe he's 1!!!! I miss yall and your wonderful little ones:)

carolineb said...

And Zoe was so over the pacies just a few months ago.

seantk said...

She's back "over" them. Now we're concentrating on the potty training. #1 is becoming like clockwork. #2 is still, well...... a bit intimidating for the Zoe girl.