Monday, August 06, 2007

Classic Real-life Comedy

I was in line at Publix the other night. Grabbing some chicken tenders at their deli, I needed to pay for the poultry and get back to work. The kid in the checkout was helping the customer in front of me, and in the back of my mind, I'm sure I noticed the sweet track of music playing over the speaker system in the grocery: Seal's "Kiss From a Rose." What I then noticed was that as he was transitioning from ringing up the previous customer to ringing up my meal, he was mouthing words, while looking down. I thought, "what is he saying?" and "who is he talking to?" Then, to my horror and delight, I put 2 and 2 together. This young buck had Seal in his soul. The part of the song that he was so synched up to was (courtesy of

"My power, my pleasure, my pain!!"

I moved to type the info into the debit card reader and my inner smile was lit up. Not only did the kid have a thin, gold chain around his neck, but I believe he had no clue that I saw his hidden drama. Was he up on a stage in his mind, wowing the crowd? Who knows. But I witnessed the awesomeness of that moment and it made me smile. It had a surreal, Napoleon Dynamite-feel to it. And knowing how those in-store music systems work, I'm sure at least 5-6 more fortunate customers had the odd pleasure of seeing the same thing.....probably that same day.


jamie said...

Thats too funny. It makes me wonder how many people see me rock out when I'm singing along in a store or my car. I hope they smile as well.

h. said...

hilarious -- I know people have seen me in my car singing... ahem, jamming to some old-school-batman-soundtrack-seal.

carolineb said...

so good to get to be a part of such a moment.