Sunday, July 15, 2007

Concerts coming to ATL

Wow.... 3 great bands coming to ATL in the near future.....

Travis: July 29th - Tabernacle
Interpol: September 21st - Tabernacle
(show recently added to their tour...Atlanta wasn't on the original list I saw)

*new addition, as of 8.6.07* Mute Math - November 3rd - Tabernacle again!

Looks like I might be visiting the 'nacle.


nysewanders said...

I appreciate the updates on the concerts, but I was shocked to see that there was no mention of James Taylor coming to ATL. Shocking. To think you call yourself his greatest fan.

ManUtd17 said...

Jen and I are working on a sitter for Kee, so we can make the Travis show tonight. If everything comes together, we may see you there.

seantk said...

Laura and I went to the show..... very excellent. We both had a great time and are fo' sho' Travis fans.