Monday, August 27, 2007

Light in the Dark

There can be hope that, even in the darkest times (and usually even moreso), God is at work.

We have seen that this weekend. Laura's younger sister, Bekah, was in a terrible auto accident Saturday evening. Her car went off the road and in an attempt to correct this, she overcompensated and the car flipped. She suffered multiple broken bones (in the face, her ribs, and her arm),and her lungs were badly injured. She was airlifted from St. Simons/Brunswick to Savannah for their trauma unit's help.

We were in Athens, visiting my brother and his wife, when we heard the news. We left there and arrived in Savannah around 3 am. Laura went to the ER and I took the kids' to Laura's aunt's house.

We have been in and out of the hospital. The doctors tried to perform some surgery for a dissected aortic valve early Sunday morning. They stopped when Bekah's lungs weren't strong enough to handle it. She actually died and was revived with the shock paddles. When she was brought back to the ICU area, she once again flatlined but was brought back to life.

She is now on life support and her lungs are gaining strength. Her brain suffered some bruising, but no damage that can be detected. Her liver and spleen have stopped bleeding.

There has been a massive amount of prayer going up to the throne of God on Bekah's behalf. It is an amazing miracle so far to see her life sustained.

Please continue praying if you are reading this. We pray for her continued healing and for the glory of God Almighty to show through in Bekah's life. The Spirit of Jesus is mighty to save.


carolineb said...

We will, we are, we do, HE IS!!!

ManUtd17 said...

Praying continuously.

Jamie said...

We are def Praying and will continue.

seantk said...

Guys, this is Sean again. We just received news that after a CAT scan, Bekah appears to be brain dead. Please continue to press into prayer, in faith, that this will be proven wrong and shown to be false.

Come Lord Jesus!

carolineb said...

Sean! That can't be true! Reveal Your power and miracles Lord Jesus!

seantk said...

I have sad news. Bekah has no more blood flow to her brain and there is no activity. There was too much swelling overnight and nothing could be done to stop it.

Her spirit has left and she is still on life support, since her lungs and heart can continue to be active.

Please pray for her family, relatives, and friends now. There is a grieving process to go through now and we need Jesus to be the Comforter for us all.

Pray that God will have all glory for Bekah's life. She is with Jesus now.

Katie said...

We are praying that Jesus would hold your sweet family in His strong arms. We love you all.

nysewanders said...

Sean we love y'all and our prayers are with your fam. I've tried to put myself in Laura's shoes and imagines losing my sis and honestly its too difficult to even imagine, so I know that the pain that y'all are experiencing is severe. My prayer is that God's grace would abound and that in this time the incredible nearness and comfort that the Spirit brings would provide all that you need. I don't know what else to say but that we are standing for y'all before the throne.

Boggsy said...

Sean and Laura,
Any words that I can say will fall so short of being any kind of comfort to you. So, I'm praying for you and the whole family and friends. My prayer is that the God of all Comfort will come and rest on each and every one affected by this. May He embrace you all and pull you close to His heart.


Lora said...

sean -
clint and i are praying. we are so sorry. we just found out about all of this - our computer's been down. please let laura know i love her and am praying for her and her family.