Saturday, August 11, 2007

Live Music: History

I was thinking about being a music lover..... and how many of my good friends (and fellow bloggers) are, as well. Thinking back on the concerts I've seen in the past, I was amazed at how many shows I've been to. I've decided to try and give a comprehensive list of who I've seen and where, in no particular chronological order. Here goes.... I might have to come back and update this post as I remember shows:

U2 - Georgia Dome (w/Public Enemy & B.A.D.II) , Death Valley (Clemson University; w/ Rage Against the Machine), Phillips Arena (2x, once w/ Institute)
MuteMath - JackRabbit Slims, 40 Watt (w/ The Working Title), The Loft, Variety Playhouse
Travis - The Tabernacle
Radiohead - The Masquerade
Afghan Whigs - Bowery Ballroom, Masquerade
The Sundays (w/ Luna) - Variety Playhouse
Sebadoh - 40 Watt
Yo La Tengo - Variety Playhouse, 40 Watt
Luna - 40 Watt
Third Day - Lakewood (I mean, HiFi Buys...)
The Cure - Lakewood
Coldplay - The Tabernacle
Catherine Wheel - Cotton Club
Moby - Bowery Ballroom
Blur - Roseland Ballroom
Jars of Clay - somewhere in NYC (can't remember), The Roxy
Massive Attack - The Roxy
Portishead - The Roxy
Joseph Arthur - Smith's Olde Bar
POD - some festival in Tennessee
Curve - The Masquerade
Delirious? - The Roxy
doves - The Roxy
Everyone - Trinity Vineyard Church
Amy Grant (1st concert ever) - Omni (R.I.P.)
Nirvana - Tallahassee Civic Center
Iona - that same festival in Tennessee
James - The Roxy
REM - some amphitheater in New Jersey
Sonic Youth - Legion Field (Athens)
Live - Legion Field, Athens (Athens)
Ten Shekel Shirt - Atlanta Vineyard, some warehouse in Athens
The Violet Burning - Atlanta Vineyard
Drivin' n' Cryin' - 40 Watt (I helped run the visual hoopla that looped on screens in the background)
The Flaming Lips - 40 Watt
Sting/Natalie Merchant - Lakewood
Brian Setzer Orchestra - Chastain Park Amphitheater
Weezer - Athens (Classic Center)
Cowboy Junkies - Georgia Theater
Luxury - some little place that used to be in Atlanta ("lizard"-something??)
Jets to Brazil - The Earl
DJ Logic - Georgia Theater


jamie said...

Thats a pretty impressive compilation of shows. I don't think I could name half of the shows I've been to. It would be fun to try.

Katie B said...

Is JT coming to ATL???
Don't joke about such things John Mark!
I love me some sweet baby James.

seantk said...

You'll have to ask JM about JT, KB. I don't keep up with the sweet baby james. he makes me slumber.

ManUtd17 said...

I've seen JT twice. Once in Hampton Roads and once in Jax.

First Concert: 1985 - Pre-VH Sammy Hagar ("I can't drive 55 tour") at the Omni. Krokus was the opening act!

carolineb said...

My first concert was Foreigner on their first tour in 1979. You people weren't even born before I'd seen Styx, Queen, Boston, Journey, Loverboy, Ted Nugent and Bryan Adams. Did you guess that I grew up in Powder Springs? I did.

seantk said...

If you saw 'em before 1975, you're right. You're classic, Caroline.

seantk said...

Dang, you saw Queen? Were you in merry ol' England or did they rock the States?

ManUtd17 said...

In no particular order, I've seen U2 (Joshua Tree tour), Sting, Billy Joel, Henry Mancini, Elton John, Third Day, David Crowder, Lincoln Brewster, Paul Colman Trio, Tony Bennett, Harry Connick, Sister Hazel, Jason Mraz, Travis, Coldplay, DeGarmo & Key, Mylon Lefevre, Geoff Moore, Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Steve Green, Steely Dan, John Fogerty, The Moody Blues, The Commodores, K.C. & The Sunshine Band (TWICE!!), The Village People, Wynonna, Def Leppard, Journey (Steve Perry-less version), Josh Ritter, and Hootie & The Blowfish.

ManUtd17 said...

Also saw The Jayhawks, The Thorns, Modern Skirts, and David Wilcox.

carolineb said...

Queen was in Atlanta around 1980. My all time favorite concerts have been Sting at Chastain, Sting at Phillips with Annie Lenox and in the front row of the Mercury Falling Tour at Lakewood. I love him.

seantk said...

I would say you do love you some Sting. His show with Natalie Merchant @ Lakewood/HiFi Buys was good. Is that the one you were in the front row for?

seantk said...

I would have to say the best shows I've seen are:

U2 - Zoo TV tour. 1st time seeing them live, plus we were on the 40-yard line of the GA Dome, right beside the stage extension. 1st concert ever held at the Dome, too. Amazing blitz of a show.

Radiohead - At the Masquerade. They pulled off playing the "OK Computer" album in a live setting, and it sounded incredible. If you've heard the album, it's very dense and complex. I did not think it possible to translate to a live setting, but by golly, they did it.

Afghan Whigs - Masquerade again. My brother and I went to this show. We talk about it to this day - very energetic, intense, fun show. Oh, the memories.

MuteMath - Variety Playhouse. They get better and tighter each time I see them. Explosions of melody and rhythm.

Flaming Lips - 40 Watt. Simply for the fact that they have a gong, a person dressed up in a giant bunny suit, and an explosion of confetti during the show. It was a bizarre trip.

carolineb said...

Yes, I can't remember much about Natalie.