Friday, September 26, 2008

True Colors

This is such an excellent picture to decipher and analyze.

Way to jump to conclusions, guys!
Since we can look back at this and weigh everyone's actions, we discover some telling things. One thing is that John McCain will not avoid the debate, as he's currently on his way to Mississippi now. In fact, there was never any indication that he was "afraid" of meeting Obama at the debate table. He said many times that he wished the two would meet in townhall settings to debate the issues, together, in public.

Another thing we now see is that whoever created this picture (substituting "Bailin" for "Palin" is somewhat clever, admittedly) looks like the fool. Not only are they dressed in a costume so they can't be seen, but they're also displaying the very classy hand gesture for all time. These are the kind of people whose character I admire. Don't you?

John McCain has proved this pre-emptive strike to be false by his actions. Killing two birds with one stone, he showed he was interested in getting things done by being an active part of the solution in Washington AND he will make it to the debate. He led this while Obama was made to follow. Unfortunately for the Leftie creator of this picture, they will have a hard time recovering from the impression they made of being nothing more than a crude slinger of false accusations.

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brad said...

That's Joe Biden in that suit!