Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Good Reading on Historical Matters?

Watching all the current political TV has got me thinking.... and reading. Was just online reading through pages and pages of forum discussions (one I found was on a "physics forum" of all places) about why Bush is so hated these days. The thread got off-topic, like I would assume it would, into all kinds of history of the US involvement in the Mid-East, plus our Cold War with the Soviets. Very fascinating, but one thing that was hilarious is how many people are just spouting stuff that's more opinion and obviously just regurgitated from talk shows, talk radio, etc.

What I'd like to know is if anyone has some good reading about these issues? I'd like intelligent writing, dealing with the subjects listed above, but also about how God is woven through all of it, i.e. how are these world events occurring, from God's perspective? Something that has some Scripture to back it up. There might not be much out there that fits this description. IF there is, please let me know what you know! If I can read up some more, and balance this with prayer and seeing God's heart on the world at large, I could find some revelation, hopefully. In fact, Revelations might be a good book to start in..... but it's a tricky book, in many ways.


laurakirkland said...

Check our www.conservativebookclub.com

I am interested in several different books under
Radical Islam
Religious Issues
Socialism vs. Communism

I also remember Keith Johnson having a great book about a Christian perspective on Islam and the history etc... I can't remember the name...

brad said...

"Liberal Fascism" by Jonah Goldberg covers the left and their socialist ties. Amazing book. It also addresses socialism vs. communism.

seantk said...

I ended up buying David Horowitz' "Unholy Alliance" covering the link between Radical Islam & the Left, in terms of their communist roots (the Left's, not Islam) and how they hate America.

I have another Horowitz book, "Radical Son," too. Read it a few years ago. Brad, you know his background? That's why I like his viewpoint: he used to be in the Communist/Socialist world.

I was at Barnes & Noble - they didn't have any Goldberg. If you have that book, I'd like to borrow it.