Monday, September 18, 2006

Taking Credit

I was thinking today about taking credit for things. Particularly, when someone has a brilliant, genius idea.... are they to receive all the credit? When Einstein came across the theory of relativity in his thoughts, where did those thoughts come from? There are two avenues to take here: one is the way of humanism, where praise is heaped upon the individual and they are lauded as an amazing mind. The second route is one of ascribing the praise to God. Basically, this boils down to what you believe about the origin of everything.

Where do we get our thoughts? Who or what inspires us when we think? In other words, who/what is our muse?

Does that ever occur to anyone to figure out where our thoughts derive from? If we are blessed with the ability to figure things out and to think abstractly, does it not make sense to give credit to God? However, if God doesn't exist, we must figure out where our cognitive abilities come from.

The question, I think, begs WHY? Why would we think, why would we have a thought that, say, would lead us to create a vaccine for a deadly virus? Why are we even thinking of these solutions? Survival of the fittest, some would say. That makes sense to a certain end. Of course, with the aforementioned situation, we might revisit the question of why would a loving God allow such a deadly virus to exist in the first place?

We can go into that question at another time..... for now, I'm questioning why we think of brilliant ideas. I believe we are given the opportunity to think these thoughts from God. Once again, this question begets another one. Why do some people get the opportunity to think these ideas/discover these amazing truths, while others don't? Who chooses "the lucky ones?" Is it simply "fate?"

We will probably never know what process goes into why an Einstein becomes an Einstein in the annals of history. Food for thought.....


Margaret said...

Great food for thought! I have been pondering the differences among: inspiration, gifting, and wisdom. Will think more on this and look up some references and write more later.
Love you,

Ryan said...

Could our ability to "steward" thoughts from God be part of his tactics to allow us, who are created in His image, the ability to understand and communicate with him in a complex and intimate way? Part of our free-will. Not only can we produce a vaccine for Polio, but we can also invent gods, religions, and distractions that keep us from Him.

Margaret said...

I have been thinking of the verse that says "the earth is full of the Glory of God". I believe it is and it is available to all of God's creation whether they are Believers or not. And these "discoveries" people make are actually them uncovering some of His Glory. But what a challenge and also a bit of a condemnation for Believers who know God through Christ Jesus that we have the ability through Holy Spirit to avail ourselves of His Glory and just tend to let this knowledge and wisdom go by the wayside and so take it for granted. Many famous scientists and explorers, etc. were and are Believers and gave themselves to God's service and served the greater humanity through their discoveries, etc.
I challenge myself to begin to look past the mundane; to trust Heavenly FAther for my provisions, to free my thoughts and energy for His use and to see the earth full of His knowledge, full of discovery, and He has given it to me as a gift and for me to steward. Isn't that the command in Genesis? Being in His image, we are creative, have His authority, and most of all HIs Love for all His creation, HIs people and His Body.