Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Deja Vu, in part

Laura's family had a terrifying experience early Sunday morning. At 4:35am, we got a phone call from a family friend in St. Simons' Island. It was about Laura's brother, Wes. He had been in an auto accident and, since it was very early in the proceedngs, we didn't know much information. We were told a very similar story to that of when Laura's sister, Rebekah, had been in a fatal accident 2 Summers prior. It was eerie.

Since Laura was on the phone getting information, my heart was beating in what seemed like my throat. I wanted to know what was happening and feared so badly that the unthinkable might be possible. Pacing around from bathroom to bedroom, I heard bits and pieces. Finally, I knew that it was serious and we had to get in touch with Laura's parents. Laura initially thought she might not be able to do it. Quickly, she dialed the number. She prepared her Dad and delivered the news. They were ready to leave the mountain cabin in Cherry Log almost immediately, even though they had just only arrived the evening before.

Now it's been 3 days since then. I sit here writing these words in a completely different environment than I would've been 2 years ago. Wes is alive. He has a journey toward complete recovery, but his injuries are all concentrated around his face. He's already speaking, comprehending, and adjusting (albeit groggily) to his post-accident surroundings and conditions. Laura was commenting on how "fascinating" it was to listen to what Wes said and what he was doing. She was almost giddy about it. I believe it's because this is the reality that was nonexistent when Rebekah was in an almost identical situation. This is what might have been, in her case, that Laura never got to experience. Most certainly, it's an arena of redemption and grace this time around. A collective, deep sigh of relief is palpable amongst everyone involved with her family and this community.

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margaret said...

I join ya'll in the sigh of relief and voice it in PRAISE to God!!!!!!!