Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sometimes it's necessary

My kids provided a simple, yet effective, example of an important principle tonight. As we were driving in the car, Zoe was yelling, "Silence!!" to her brother. I was correcting her and saying what a paradox it was for her to be screaming the word, "silence," when she was being anything but.

However.... what came to mind is that, sometimes, it's necessary for that type of action to be taken to bring about silence. It's similar to when people complain about war, in some instances. War is a necessary thing at times. When chaos is going on, sometimes you have to go through the means of war to bring about peace. Kind of like screaming "silence!"

I continue to learn tidbits from my kids.


clay kirkland said...

did henry obey?!?!?

seantk said...

yeah. in a way. we were just all stunned, so in effect, I obeyed, too.