Sunday, April 13, 2008

Thoughts about kids

I'm amazed at the range of emotions you can go through in a day with your kids.

On a Sunday, I have the kids for at least half the day before Laura is back on the team (b/c she's working at the church). However, today, I had them from rise 'n' shine until 6 pm. Laura went to a shower for our sister-in-law, Deborah, directly after church.

From the get-go, I really wanted to sleep later than 7am. This was not to be. Henry was raring to go. As he rolled around the bed (he and I shared the bed), fussing to get out, Zoe woke up around 7:15 and came to join us. When she got into the bed, Henry was fully ready to jet. Zoe was kind of into the sleeping-later thing, with her head on the pillow, but Henry wouldn't have it. He whined/cried/fidgeted until he fell right off the bed. Fortunately, there was a pillow underneath him as he floated down the side of the dresser and met the floor.

He cried and it was really only because of being scared of falling. He wasn't injured. So, we all got up at that point. My adrenaline was pumping.

After getting the bottle of formula going for Henry and preparing Zoe's bagel (untoasted, with cream cheese, and "closed" --- both halves together, like a sandwich), I set about grinding/brewing the coffee and making some cheese eggs. I got darn close to hitting the magic mix of cheese and eggs that Waffle House does. Henry and I have shared this plate of breakfast glory a couple times before.... I see the tradition forming. He could've eaten more, if I had made more.

Anyway... the day went on..... after returning from church, we went into play mode. Henry slept for awhile. I so wanted nap-time to visit us simultaneously, but Zoe didn't give in. We watched "Lady and the Tramp" --- again. I then found Zoe's closed bagel from the morning time...... on the floor, slightly pressed into the carpet. Oy. She began her routine of changing clothes countless times in one day. I watched her dance and clapped. I got Henry out of the bed and changed his diaper. I made him lunch ..... and picked up the destruction that laid beneath his chair afterwards. I let Zoe watch some gymnastics that were on TV. She then started jumping on beds and couches. I had to watch and she wanted me to clap, but I was torn between thinking how cute she was and how bad it was for her to jump on the furniture. I finally had to put the discipline foot down because Henry was wanting to copy her.

Throughout the rest of the afternoon before Laura's return, I picked up toys several times.... I told Zoe about how I was picking up her "costumes" for her and that I was doing her work for her.... but she didn't really take too well to that. I went through the rollercoaster of feelings: frustration, wanting to just take a Sunday afternoon nap, almost crying because you realize how amazing children are and what hilarious, cute little people they are, getting angry because the kids won't mind, realizing how many things could possibly go wrong in a day but don't thanks to the grace of God, doing so much cleaning that is basically running in circles because you never catch up.

Several things:

- I highly respect any Mom (or any parent) that keeps kids during the day. It's alot of work.
- Does God feel this way about us??
- Children are a blessing. They are amazing. My heart bursts with love for our kids.

OK, that was alot of blog right there. Maybe it was like a dam bursting because I haven't blogged in about a month's time. I hope to get back on a more frequent schedule. Work has kept me captive.

Peace to all the blogosphere.


Chip said...

I understand exactly where you're coming from. And it's so true ... you hit every emotion in the spectrum.

A toast ... to our wives. Cheers.

Kristi said...

Wow. Okay, so as someone who's quitting their job in two weeks to be a stay-at-home mom with their baby who's coming in 4 weeks...this blog entry was VERY enlightening.

Scary...but mostly enlightening :)

seantk said...

Chip -

I read that post awhile back. Amen to that.

Kristi -

All I can say is...get ready. It's an awesome thing, to be certain, but it's a HUGE change. I can't liken it to anything else. Similar to how adjusting to marriage is a big change, but it's even more acute of a change. It's your own child. And you have the feelings of unimaginable love that you never even knew existed inside of you for another person, plus you have the responsibility of rearing them in good behaviors, keeping up with them at all times, etc.

A major blessing, though. It gives you a new perspective on God, I believe.

Lindy Simpson Jones said...

AMEN!!! Sean, welcome to my world. You captivated it perfectly! HA

Katie said...

I love the gymnastics part.